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Donating to charity should be a smooth and pleasurable experience. Donate EZ empowers your generosity, giving you the freedom and flexibility to ensure that your donations are making the maximum impact.

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Managing charitable contributions can be a time-consuming and tedious process. With Donate EZ, you can spend less time on paperwork and more time on making a difference.

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Explore some of the most cutting-edge features of our software, which enable you to streamline your philanthropic journey and make a lasting impact.

Flexible Budget Tracking
Set and manage your annual and monthly donation budgets effortlessly. Donate EZ notifies you before issuing any checks, ensuring you stay within your predetermined budget limits.
Automated Donation Calculations
Input minimal details like total amount and frequency, and let Donate EZ handle the rest. It calculates the number of checks, amounts per check, and end dates, streamlining your donation process.
Streamlined Charity Selection
Choose from a vetted list of 501C3 charities to ensure your donations are tax-deductible and go to legitimate causes.
Personalized Donation Notes
Add internal and external notes to your donations for personal reminders or messages on check stubs, enhancing the personal touch of your contributions.
Multiple Account Management
Seamlessly manage donations from various checking accounts, with options for pre-signed check printing for added convenience.
Role-Based Access Control
Customize roles and permissions within Donate EZ, ensuring each team member has the appropriate level of access and control over the donation management process.
Donation Tracking Interface
Access a comprehensive, user-friendly dashboard to sort, search, and filter your donations and checks, keeping you organized and informed at all times.
Quickbooks Integration
Easily export donation information for importing to QuickBooks, simplifying your financial management and accounting workflows.
Efficient Check-Ins System
Utilize the Check-Ins feature for efficient management of collector information in waiting areas, streamlining interactions and prioritizing donation requests.


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Choose the tailored solution that fits your donation management needs.

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